Chinese Poker Rules, How to Play & Hand Rankings

Similarly, a player with a flush or higher in their middle hand receives an extra point. These special hands can make a difference, especially if the game is close and every point counts. Setting achievable goals is another key aspect of practicing regularly. It’s important to start with small goals and gradually increase the difficulty as you progress. For instance, you can start by aiming to win a certain number of hands in a game, then move on to winning a certain number of games in a row. By setting goals, you’ll be more motivated to practice regularly and track your progress, which will help you become a better player over time.

  • From those 13 cards, you must make two distinct five-card hands, as well as a distinct three-card hand.
  • It’s common for the button not to move, and a player is not allowed to quit or get dealt out of the hand during his opponent’s Fantasyland round.
  • The sum of the percentiles is only 55% and this hand should be surrendered.
  • A common example is the player has to pay the amount he would pay if the other player had scooped.
  • Hand evaluation is the key to determine which cards to put in which hand.
  • If you are better in one hand than your opponent, you get one point, if you are worse, your opponent gets one point.

When the first round is complete, each player takes turns drawing one card at a time, and placing that card into one of their hands. Traditional Chinese poker sees all players receive all 13 cards at once, face down, and turn them face up when they’ve assembled their three hand. You win the back and middle hands, but lose the front hand to your opponent. One of the most common types awards one point for each position in which your hand is better than your opponent’s. From those 13 cards, you must make two distinct five-card hands, as well as a distinct three-card hand.

Scoring Rules in OFC Poker

When surrendered, a player is not required to pay any royalties to their opponents. OFC is played per point, so scoring of the final hands (after all 13 cards are placed) is done on a point basis. Each row, (top, middle, and bottom), is worth one point to the winner. So if you have a pair of jacks in the middle and your animal quest slot opponent has king high, then you win one point in the middle. In this variation the Middle hand is played low, meaning the lowest ranking poker hand wins (much like Razz or 2-7 Lowball). Aces are high and straights and flushes count against the low hand. Players in Chinese Poker are always dealt 13 cards per hand.

How to Play Chinese Poker

The Chinese Poker game rules are tricky as you can quit and join the game as you wish. However, you have to ideate the facts before leaving or staying in the game. You have to set your cards in the correct sequence to avoid the chances of a penalty. If you notice that they’re playing aggressively, it might be a good idea to fold. On the other hand, if they’re playing passively, you may want to keep playing.

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Each variation has its own unique rules and strategies, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with them if you want to become a skilled player. By keeping an eye out for bonus points and special hands, you can increase your chances of winning and add some extra excitement to the game. The front hand must be the weakest hand, followed by the middle hand, and the back hand must be the strongest hand. Different scoring rules apply to each hand, with the back hand being worth the most points and the front hand being worth the least. You have to maintain specific simple game rules while playing the Chinese poker game.

In this part of the game, the winning hands are being determined, and all the units, money, are exchanged and credited. You have to score well to win and earn more money from this poker game. You have to select the right cards to win the game comfortably.

What are the most common mistakes beginners make when playing Chinese Poker?

James is a life-long player of both TCG’s and classic card games. He also holds a Bachelor in History, resulting in his content being extremely well-researched and comprehensive. Chinese Poker’s rules are relatively simple, although there is a large number of rules themselves. Remembering all of the different melds may be difficult, but with the cheat sheet provided above a player will always be able to check the meld hierarchy in a casual game. After a few dozen casual games, the hierarchy will surely be memorized. Chinese Poker is a card-game combination of Mahjong, utilizing the melds of poker instead of the traditional Mahjong melds. Some games come easily to some people, especially if they are similar to games they have played in the past.


Playing with the 6-1-rule surrendering costs 3 points and is, therefore, three times as expensive as a simple loss, but only half as expensive as a scoop. Simple math shows surrendering is worthwhile if you think you will be scooped in at least 40% of the cases. Accordingly, it pays off, in the long run, to be somewhat liberal when surrendering. I explore the topic of when to surrender in much more detail further below. Known as "Googles," Yakovenko is originally from Moscow, Russia and is now a poker player and software developer residing in Brooklyn, New York. Yakovenko has made both World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour final tables. Meanwhile after several years at Google New York working on ranking algorithms, he’s been developing independent software projects ever since.

The most common scoring system is the 1-6-rule, where a player gets 3 extra points for a 3-0, called a “scoop”. Thus a 3-0 will give you 6 points, your opponent loses 6 points. This scoring system is the best one as it rewards trying to scoop your opponents and usually spices up the game.

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Even better, unlike hearts, gin rummy, or even Texas hold’em (without the hole-card camera), you can learn the game by watching top players play. The game is played face up, so at every point in time, the player and the spectators have the same exact information. Like other poker games, OFC players take turns drawing cards from a single deck, trying to make the best possible hand, while their competitors do the same.

In the poker lobby games were marked with W or E to show which type they were. The Western system is equal to the 2-4 system described above. Winning all three hands is called "scooping." With this system scooping gets relatively less profitable. It’s worth twice as much as a normal win instead of three times as much. In a heads-up game each player use one set of 13 cards and keeps the second for the next hand to save dealing again.

Two five-card hands make the highest-ranking poker hands, and the one three-card Poker hand here straights and flushes do not count against the handset above. Another great way to practice Chinese Poker is by playing with friends. Not only is it more fun, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn from others and see how they approach the game. You can ask your friends to teach you their own strategies or even form a regular poker night to practice together. By playing with others, you can also learn how to read your opponents and adjust your own strategies accordingly.

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